First for Wellbeing’s Healthy Workplaces arm continues to gain momentum, with the Northamptonshire Sport active lifestyle programmes, emotional wellbeing’s Learn2b courses and stop smoking offers proving to be the most popular with local businesses.

The Healthy Workplaces arm of First for Wellbeing offers a range of bespoke corporate health and wellbeing packages to suit individual business and employee needs.

The range is designed to reduce sickness, boost motivation and improve the overall wellbeing of employees, and draws on First for Wellbeing’s full suite of in-house offers.

Northamptonshire Sport offers workplaces a range of sport and physical activity opportunities to encourage staff members to become more active.

Northamptonshire Sport and Physical Activity Manager Jackie Browne said:

“By far our biggest and most popular programme is the Workplace Challenge, which encourages healthy competition between staff members by setting both personal and team targets, tracking activity and rewarding goals with a range of incentives and prizes,” she said.

“We also arrange regular business games, team-building days and networking events all geared towards encouraging employers to have some fun with their teams while instilling a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance.”

Jackie said their workplace offer, which has been running for more than four years and now feeds into the wider First for Wellbeing offer, has proven to be a success locally with the team working with a number of iconic local businesses.

“We have worked closely with a range of workplaces of all sizes, including schools, universities, councils and large corporates such as Ricoh and Mercedes,” she said.

“Each and every one of the businesses we work with all say how beneficial it is to add a wellbeing element to their yearly calendar. After all – a healthy and active workplace means staff are more energetic, have more stamina and are more productive at work,” she said.


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